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Jul 16, 2024
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ELECTROENERGOPROEKT Ltd. was established in the year 2001 by the whole team of former "Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Division" of "Energoproekt" Plc, which was separated from the Company after the privatization of "Energoproekt" Plc.ELECTROENERGOPROEKT Ltd. remains one of the major Bulgarian organizations occupied in research, development and design activities in the Electric Power Sector and Renewable Energy Sources.

Our activities cover the following areas:

  • Power System Planning, Studies and Investigations, Forecasts and Expert Evaluations, Design and Construction Management

  • Design of Transmission Power Lines, Substations and Urban Network

  • Renewable energy sourcesWind Farms and Photovoltaic Plants, incl. studies for connection to the Grid

  • Design of Electric Power System Automatic Control

  • Optic Connections in the Energy Sector

  • Engineering and Commercial Activities and Marketing

The team of ELECTROENERGOPROEKT Ltd. has taken part in the investigation, design and supervision of various stages of implementation of over 300 major Electric Power Projects in Bulgaria as well as in over 20 big projects in European, Asian, African and American Countries, namely: Lebanon, Algeria, Libya, Mozambique, Iraq, Syria, Laos, Cuba and Nicaragua. The organizational structure of the company covers the main divisions:

  • Power electrical systems

  • Substations

  • Transmission Power Lines

  • Automation and Telemetry of the Energy System (АТЕS)

  • Architectural and civil part

Today in ELECTROENERGOPROEKT Ltd. employs about 30 engineers of different specialties such as electrical and mechanical engineers, civil engineers, geologists etc. 

Structure of the main divisions:

Main divisions and activities, included within the framework of ELECTROENERGOPROEKT Ltd.:

  • Energy and Electrical Studies and Perspective Investigations
  • Substations – High and Medium Voltage 6-400kV – research and design
  • Transmission Power Lines – High and Medium Voltage 6-400kV – research and design
  • Renewable energy sources – Wind Farms and Photovoltaic Plants, incl. studies for connection to the Grid
  • Automation and Telemetry of the Energy Projects, HF and optical connections, SCADA systems
  • Urban Electric Networks – Kiosk Switchgears; Cable Lines 6-400kV, optical cables
  • Architectural and Civil Construction–building structures and architectural solutions

The Company is specialized in preparation and development of investigation and design services, detailed drawings, system issues of general importance for the development and the perspectives of the Electric Power System, calculations and researches of transmission lines up to 750 kV, substations up to 750 kV, automation of the Electric Power System, Electric Power Networks etc.


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