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Jul 16, 2024
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The main activities of "ELECTROENERGOPROEKT"LTD cover the following areas:

Studies and investigations in the field of development of the Electric Power System

  • Perspective Investigations
  • Energy Studies
  • High Voltage Networks
  • Electrical Systems
  • Generation capacities
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Short Circuits Currents
  • Flow distribution of the capacities
  • Reactive Power Compensation
  • Others


Preliminary design Investigations Detailed Designs and Executive Drawings for Substations and Switchgears

  • Preliminary design projects and working projects for substations and electrical power lines
  • Lay out solutions for switchyards up to 750 kV
  • Lay out solutions for switchgears up to 110 kV
  • Primary Commutation Projects
  • Secondary Commutation Projects
  • Relay Protection and Substation Automation Projects
  • Automated systems for managing substations with PC and controllers
  • Lightning Protection and Earthing Installations of Switchyards and Substations, including special solutions
  • Switchgear-HV-MV (from 6 up to 400 kV) made with SF6, vacuum circuit MV breakers
  • Oil Collecting Installations
  • Fire Extinguish Installations
  • Security Guard Equipment and Fire Alarm
  • Technological Terms of References for Civil and Architectural part, Public Works. Roads etc
  • Diesel - Generator Stations
  • Annunciation Stations for Switchgears
  • AC/DC House-load Switchgears
  • Preparation and estimation of tender documents for building of substations
  • Preparation and estimation of tender documents for all kinds of electrical equipment, relay protection, controllers and other
  • Geodesical investigations of fields and linear objects
  • Preparation of executive documentations and drawings

Renewable energy sources

  • Studies for connection to the Grid  110-400 kV of Bulgaria
  • Connection of plants, Wind Farms, Photovoltaic Plants and consumers of electricity to the Bulgarian HV Grid
  • Research and design of Wind Farms
  • Research and design of Photovoltaic Plants
  • Civil Construction Part, Planning, Roads, Water supply and sewage

High Voltage Overhead Transmission Lines

  • Overhead transmission Lines up to 750 kV
  • Evaluation of condition of existing Transmission Power Lines and their refurbishment projects
  • Design of Fiber Optic Cables for new Overhead Transmission Lines and replacement of lightning protection conductors by fiber optic cables of the existing Overhead Transmission Lines
  • Researches, Design and Calculations of all kinds of elements of the Overhead Transmission Lines- conductors, lightning protection conductors, insulation, reinforcement parts, towers, fundaments etc
  • Preparation and Assessment of Tender Documents for Delivery of all kinds of elements of Overhead Transmission Lines
  • Consultancy and engineering services in the field of Overhead Transmission Lines
  • Map-making and coordination of Overhead Transmission Lines.

Automation and Telemetry of the Energy System (АТЕS)

  • SCADA systems of Energy Objects up to 750 кV
  • HFC on OHL up to 750 кV
  • Trouble Shouting Automation of the Energy System
  • Network telecontrol of some regions of the energy system
  • Fiber Optic Telecommunication Systems
  • Telephone and Fiber Optic Cables
  • Main and back up power supply systems of the Dispatching Centers and Energy Objects
  • Technological Part of the Dispatching Centers for Power system control up to the level of NDC
  • Terms of Reference for Civil and Architectural Part, Public works, electrical Part, Lighting of Dispatching Centers
  • Radio Relay lines
  • Ultrashort wave radio network for the needs of operation of Energy Objects
  • Engineering services in the field of implementation of Automatic Dispatching Control Systems
  • Preparation of Tender Documents for the delivery of Telecommunication and Data Transmission Devices
  • Assessment of Tender Documents for the Delivery of Telecommunication and Data Transmission Devices.

Urban Electric Power Networks

  • Design of Lay outs for the electric power supply of towns, residential districts, resorts and industrial zones
  • Outside Electric Power Supply of Objects
  • Design of Kiosk Switchgears
  • Design of Substations without transformer
  • Design of cable lines up to 110 kV
  • Design of cable lines 10 kV and 20 kV
  • Design of low voltage cable lines

Architectural and Civil Construction Part

  • Design of all types and kinds of constructions for up to 400 kV switchyards
  • Design of industrial, administrative and auxiliary buildings for the needs of substations and switchyards
  • Design of steel portals up to 400 kV and reinforced concrete towers up to 20 kV
  • Design of steel towers for overhead transmission lines
  • Seismic Stability Calculations of existing buildings and design of support constructions
  • Design of kiosk switchgears, piping networks and tunnels and 20 kV cable lines, low voltage and substations without transformers
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